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KPRM is a totally 100 % black Female owned and woman youth managed company with level 1 BEE score. We are rendering Recruitment & Staffing, Resource & Supply Management, Projects Management, Training, Consulting, and System & Mobile Application, 4IR, Social Innovation, Branding ,Marketing & Event Management . Our existence is solely based on quality products and services. We subscribe to the principle of openness and accountability in our operations. We seek to establish strategic linkage with partners such as government departments and the private sector, with the view of fulfilling our particular mandate, namely empowering our communities through job creation thus creating vast employment. The development of general trading skills and managerial skills as are manifested in the creation of our corporation is fundamental to South Africa as a country and us as a historically disadvantaged people, as only societies that develop commercial economically robust engines of growth which will generate organic sustainable jobs who in turn will give to our people.

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“Our clientele ranges from small owner managed businesses to large conglomerates and government institutions. Companies or other potential business that are looking for a fast effective services. KPRM Consulting has sourced services for government, mining sectors, constructions, executives, etc. We also assist our clients with compliance of BBBEEE Compliance.

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